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Robot weeder creates interest at SIMA

Tuesday 24th of February 2015

Robot weeder creates interest at SIMA

An agricultural robot that helps farmers with hoeing and weeding is on show at SIMA.  Developed in partnership with NAI Technologies it was received a special mention in the SIMA Innovation awards at this year show.

Capable of four hours work in between charges it uses a camera and GPS guidance to work in beds from 1.4 – 2.05m wide.  The robot works the ground to mechanically weed the soil to provide better water infiltration at the foot of the crop and at the same time using another camera it takes care of data collection including plant populations, plant development and weeding percentage.  Further data is collected via probes which measure water content in the soil, soil temperature, air temperature and humidity.

The grower can also use the collected data to work out the impact of inputs and intervention on the crops to build up a picture of performance.  Data can be downloaded to a PC, tablet or smart phone.

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