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HGCA celebrates 50 years of innovation

Thursday 26th of February 2015

HGCA celebrates 50 years of innovation

HGCA is celebrating 50 years of innovation in the cereals and oilseeds industry.  The occasion offers the opportunity for the sector to reflect on past achievements, as well as envisage how it can adapt to the opportunities and challenges of the future. 

The celebrations will start at this summer’s Cereals event, following HGCA’s official birthday on 2 June. The stand will feature a special exhibition looking at how the landscape has changed for the UK cereals and oilseeds supply chain over the last half century and what it might look like going forward. 

At the event, HGCA will showcase initiatives designed to secure a sustainable and profitable future at the cutting edge of scientific and commercial innovation, run by both HGCA and partnership organisations. Exhibits will encompass scientific research, skills development, consumer education, business management and industry collaboration. The event will also explore key advancements in science, technology and understanding, alongside changing market and supply chain dynamics, which have impacted arable businesses over past decades. 

HGCA Director Rebecca Geraghty said: “The sector has changed radically over the past 50 years and will continue to do so. This year provides a perfect opportunity to reflect on past achievements and establish a new direction of travel.”



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