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Yara promoting precision tools

Wednesday 11th of February 2015

Yara promoting precision tools

Yara says precision farming tools, such as its in-field N-Tester and N-Sensor, can simplify and improve decision making on the farm, especially when used with its smartphone apps.

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According to Yara agronomist Ian Matts: “There has been too much short term thinking in the industry.  Management focus needs to be on long term optimisation of the system as a whole rather than on short term maximisation.  Strategies and tools that carefully consider requirements and attempt to balance the need for high yields each year with longer term soil health requirements will lead to stability.”

Yara Smartphone Apps Range:

DiscoverIT:  Newly launched, it provides growers with detailed information about Crop programmes.

ImageIT:  Allows users to quickly identify nitrogen uptake in oilseed rape in-field

CheckIT:  Allows growers to carry out a quick and easy identification of possible nutriend deficiencies by accessing an online photo database of crops via a mobile device.

TankmixIt:  Provides growers with information on the compatibility and physical mixability of the YaraVita foliar range of mico-nutrients with crop protection sprays.

Additional Precision Tools

N-Plan:  Crop, field, soil type and variety specific nitrogen recommendation computer programme for calculating optimum nitrogen rates and application timings.

N-Sensor:  Applies nitrogen using remote sensing technology.

N-Tester:  Handheld tool for quick and easy nitrogen measurements to allow the nitrogen status of the plant to be measured, assessing the need for additional nitrogen to help improve protein levels.

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