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Michael Williams Big Brute downsizes

Thursday 19th of June 2014

Michael Williams Big Brute downsizes

Michael Williams Engineering Ltd, manufactures of the Big Brute vacuum cleaner, has listened to customers and grain store operators and designed a smaller, cheaper version of its 1 tonne bulk bin interceptor.

The Big Brute ½ tonne Bulk Bin works in the same way as the Big Brute. 

The Big Brute Vacuum Cleaner is attached the ½ tonne bulk bin with a link hose, another hose, also connected to the Bulk Bin is used for cleaning and the ½ Tonne Bulk Bin is fully compatible with the existing Big Brute Vacuum Cleaner. 

Steve Sewell, sales manager, says, “It stays clean for longer and you don’t have to keep stropping to empty or clean the filter, because the bulk of the product being sucked up doesn’t reach the filter so the filters stay cleaner for longer.  With the capacity to hold ½ tonne of grain, it gets the job done quicker.” 

The ½ Tonne Bulk Bin is easy and safe to move and empty.  It can be picked up by a forklift or telehandler, positioned over the bin or whatever needs emptying, and the bottom flap released using the simple release catch.  

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