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Farm Buildings Handbook on sale at Agricultural Buildings Show

Tuesday 1st of April 2014

Farm Buildings Handbook on sale at Agricultural Buildings Show

The Farm Buildings Handbook produced by the Rural and Industrial Design & Building Association (RIDBA) can be bought at a reduced price of £10 at this year’s Agricultural Buildings Show.

The show takes place on Thursday 3rd April at the Epic Centre, Lincolnshire Showground and is the show to attend to discover the best possible building solutions for farm businesses.

The handbook is a vital reference point for farmers and estate managers considering building or maintaining their farm structures.  It is also aimed at contractors and designers who may not have an in-depth knowledge of the particular requirements of agricultural construction, such as how much space to allow livestock and how much waste stock produces.

The guide is a good start point as to where more detailed information can be found and in the legislation and regulations section there is advice for farmers on whether they are eligible for free planning consultancy advice under the Rural Enterprise Scheme administered by DEFRA. 

To find out more about the show and book tickets go to:


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