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Advantages of Steel Framed Farm Buildings

Tuesday 25th of March 2014

Advantages of Steel Framed Farm Buildings

Constructing new buildings inevitably brings with it a raft of new expenses. But attempting to cut corners could end up costing farmers more money in the long run and raise real risks on the farm, construction expert Graham Heath explains in an article in Farmers Guardian ahead of the Agricultural Buildings Show on April 3rd.

The Agricultural Buildings Show is the definitive event for the sector, covering all faces of farm buildings, bringing together farmers and the trade under one roof to discuss the best possible solutions for farm businesses.

The event is open from 9am to 4pm at The Epic Centre, Lincolnshire Showground, Lincolnshire LN2 2NA. Find out more at:

“Considering the country’s recent economic difficulties, it is understandable why cost is typically high on the agenda for farmers when it comes to sourcing new buildings,” says Mr Heath, of GH Construction. The full article can be found at:

“In fact many, quite reasonably, are choosing to ‘improve’ existing structures to help ease financial constraints, rather than invest in new builds. 

“Whichever option people decide to go with, now is a time when quality needs to be at the top of your agenda. That means quality in the initial design and planning stages of a build, through to the materials used in construction and the erection of the building.  

“Structures which rely on lower grade materials, can become vulnerable to a whole host of expensive problems, particularly at times when they are most exposed. These ‘cost cutting’ measures can range from choosing cheaper timber and fixings, to opting for smaller than recommended steel sizes, which ultimately compromise the strength of the building and, consequently, its lifespan.

 “With many farms likely to stay within families for generations, farmers should be planning for the long term by ensuring the structures they build today will still meet their needs 10 years down the line.

“By ensuring buildings are well-constructed and built to a design which meets the required standards, farmers can have confidence they are appointing experts who work to a set design standard and their buildings are being manufactured by qualified personnel.”

There is a significant legislative change coming into force later this year surrounding the quality of build materials. Although CE Marking has already been mandatory for steelwork products in European member states since 2010, it is set to become a legal requirement in the UK and Ireland.

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