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Arable farmers continue to 'go large' on grain stores

Tuesday 25th of February 2014

Arable farmers continue to 'go large' on grain stores

National farm building firm S&A Fabrications, from Barnard Castle, Co Durham has just completed the construction of its second largest grain store – 1950 m² and 2520 m² store on the outskirts of York for Walkers Grain Drying and Storage. The larger of the two buildings consisted of 14 bays with a span of 6 meters between each bay, with the smaller of the two having 11 bays and 6 meters between. The stores have the capacity to store a total of 26,000 tonnes of grain.

The buildings are indicative of a significant trend amongst arable farmers to build larger, more technologically advanced stores, says the company.

“Farmers in general are putting up bigger buildings, and grain stores are no exception,” says Simon Pelly, sales manager of S&A.

“Some individual farmers are building larger stores to help them keep more grain for longer in order to help iron out price volatility, while others are building large stores for commercial purposes and are, like Walkers, effectively renting storage space out to their neighbouring farmers. Several farmers, who in the past used to store a bit of grain themselves and sell the majority of it to merchants, are now choosing to keep it in their own ‘super stores’ before selling it,” he adds. “Every year we get asked to build bigger and bigger stores. It is the way of the world these days.”

And ‘going large’ makes sense economically, he adds.

Farmers interested in putting up a new store for next harvest start their design and planning as soon as possible, with a view to commencing the build no later than April next year, he advises.

An aerial video of the new Walkers grain store is posted on You Tube at, or visit the site and search for “Walkers grain store”. 

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