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About FarmSmart

FarmSmart is a publishing, events and management company, providing technical specialist events and conferences to the agricultural industry.

As a team we are all happy to speak to visitors, exhibitors and advertisers and answer any queries that you may have.


 Andy Newbold - Managing director

A farmer's son and Chartered Agricultural Engineer, Andy founded FarmSmart in 1996 with the first Precision Farming event. Hands on in his approach, his vision has created the company ethos and it is his skill and drive that ensures the quality of the products that we deliver today.

  Ann Newbold - Company secretary & director

Ann has a degree in Industrial Design and is responsible for the design work at FarmSmart, as well as being deeply involved with the event delivery and the management of the company. A farmer’s daughter and keeper of a small flock of sheep her focus and level headiness keeps the team on track.


 Faye Waters - Office manager & event administrator

Faye has day-to-day responsibility for all practical matters in the efficient running of the office. With practical experience of credit control and supplier management Faye has her finger on the pulse of the business at all times. Additionally, Faye runs our communication planning, advertising bookings and deals with all of the contractors. 



 Marion King - Media relations

Keeping a close eye on what’s going on in the industry and gathering information that is useful to both the team and our visitors is what Marion is about. This is in addition to ensuring that we communicate back to the industry in an open and clear way.


If you would like to know more about FarmSmart Events please call us on 0845 4900 142 for a chat!

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